Saturday, 11 October 2008

Prince of Persia Movie Pictures

Here below some pictures from Prince of Persia The Sands of Time, upcoming movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal:
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Ben Kingsley as Nizam - Prince of Persia Movie
The movie Prince of Persia The Sands of Time will oppose Jake Gyllenhaal as Dastan versus Ben Kingsley as Nizam the vizier.


Fanboy said...

Great pictures, thanks.

Paparazzi in the Moroccan desert?

Reese Witherspoon really wants the world to believe she's actually dating Jake.


Anonymous said...

I think, and sorry to say it, that this film looks rubbish.

That jake dude, far too mature for the part.

the guy who plays the vizier is going to be far to creepy, and not in a good way. and though the scenery looks rather awesome i just think its going to be let down by poor acting. just a feeling though.

and the new game just isnt any good either. not enough fighting. and the controls are EAAASSYYYY. not the prince of persia, just some cheesy smuck one liner git who spoils the whole game.

im going to have to go cheer myself up about the whole thing in a while and go play the prince of persia sands of time, warrior within and two thrones.


Anonymous said...

yeah the actors just dont look the part :(

Kaiser said...

I don't really know on what to say.

The prince of persia games are defently 10/10 but i think the film will actually succeed :)

Even though the actors might not be great lets keep our heads up high to see if the movie stays truthful to the games.

I will also say its going to be 1000% better then those resident evil movies :)

uub said...

hey I`m glade that they are makeing movies about games now,and FYI mo fos he looks right for the actor.

Joshua Lam said...

hmmm, jake's looks in the picture doesnt match the appearance of the prince in the sands of time game, but rather the two thrones when the prince is shirtless.

And jake needs more well built six pack abs and arms if this movie wants to draw more attention.

i believe ppl are more happy watching the movie if the movie's FX, soundtrack, settings, and cosmetics is able synchronize with the games.

But i believe it'll be a fine movie, as long as the story is there... unlike Max Payne.


Anonymous said...

Saw the first footage on ET online , it looks gr8 , we all know the story ... if they just made it the way as in the game , it would be a gr8 movie , the jake dude also looks good for the part , lets keep the fingers crossed for the dirctor

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of the prince of persia game series.

I was really exited to know that pop is back in a movie, But Jake shattered it.

I think he is toooo mature for this role anyone younger would do


Anonymous said...

the actor that is going to play the prince looks more like his older self in 2 & 3 in 1 he is alot younger

Reeceyboi said...

I reali hope that Jerry keeps the film on the same tracks as the game, and that he dosn't slipp off course, i'm sure he wont but im a HUGE fan of the Prince of Persia games and so i'm delighted there's a movie coming out and i dont want it to fail...

Anonymous said...

stop hating on jake hes a great actor ever see donnie darko the kid is awsome

Anonymous said...

hi im a huge fan of the franchise and im so gutted that john abraham didnt get the part he looks the part it also would have been fresh to have an indian actor do a big role does it always have to be a white dude playing the part i mean just look at him he dont look persian at all he looks out of place more like a pornstar than a prince please be open minded

Anonymous said...

That guy should play the POP series first to really get into the role. And....he can't be the prince!
Make the area darker, no sun, evil in the air..and a good metal song

Anonymous said...

People, please don't come along with your bullcrap thinking there will be poor acting in this movie. Jake Gillenghal is a fantastic and well rounded actor, and the ball guy's name is Ben Kingsley AN OSCAR WINNER.

So please, don't complain about Jake being to mature or crap, he has much more charisma than Orlando Bloom at least, that only has the Pirates franchise to look up to because all his other movies are crap (Yes Orlando Bloom was offered the role but he refused)

I am excited for this movie,can't wait to watch it.

Dheeraj Sudhakar said...

OK everyone here feeling disappointed about the POP movie...just read the script!!! me the script is really good!! & Jake is a good actor...& Ben Kingsly, well i dont think i will have to explain to you guys how good actor he is, just see his movies(Gandhi, Schindler's list etc). I agree that they gave him the costumes of POP-WW instead of POP-sot & Jake doesnt looks like Persian....but aside from those things, everything looks great!!! esspessially the story!!. So cheer up everyone, this is going to be a great movie!! :)

POP-Fan said...

Would it really have been that bad to get an actor that actually looks Persian? Even that Indian guy suggested earlier looks much more Persian.
At least Ben Kingsley looks like he'd be Persian (he played a Persian before in House of Sand and Fog).

stainless said...

OMG, I m so not watching this movie since I dont wanna loose my addiction for the game! Who is this moron looking guy anyway who plays the prince? He doesnt even look middle eastern, he is not rugged, enigmatic, handsome or sharp looking!!! Take him to play the prince in Rapunzel as he fits in better since he looks typical western guy! Grosssss!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG...Someone please tell me this is just a bad joke and that they really didn't cast Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince! Seriously?!

Don't get me wrong, I think Jake is a great actor, but in my opinion, he doesn't even come close to fitting the Prince's character of a pretty boy, rebel warrior, nor does he have the right body image.